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Dave A. Wins The Texas Open!
Three top-10's and solid Sunday play gets the job done...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #7 trophy.Dave A. had 3 top ten picks, 2 better than anyone else in the top 5, which was enough to win this week's event by $216,318 over Mike M.  Dave is the 7th different winner in 7 tournaments this year.  Both Dave and Mike were the only two players to pick pool top finisher t2 John Huh.  Dave also had t4 Brian Gay as a unique, which pretty much iced the win.  Brian snuck in to 3rd, edging out bubble boy Bill by $26,505.

I stayed in 1st place in the season race.  Randy also kept hold of his 2nd place position.  Bill moved up one spot to 3rd.  Elise also move up a spot to 4th.  Mike D. fell out of the top 4.  With 2 tournaments left in the Spring Season only $696,543 separates 1st and 7th places.  This one is going to be tight.

The next tournament in about 10 days is the final "T.M.C." event of the spring, The Wells Fargo Championship.  There is usually a pretty good field for this event, but there is no way it could be worse than this week's field.  Of course, who would want to go to Texas anyway?  I noticed a lot of w/d's this week; I guess a lot of the golfers not smart enough to skip this event couldn't take the cat litter-like stench that spews from the Lone Hole state.  I could smell it through the TV and had to change the channel during commercials just to air out the room.  I certainly hope we never have to play another pool event in Texas.  North Carolina will be much better.  By the way, my hatred for this tournament and the entire state of Texas has nothing to do with only two of my golfers making the cut.  Almost absolutely nothing.  Pretty much.

Get those picks in on time.


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