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The Deutsche Bank Picks Are Up!
Things are getting a little tighter, like the picks...
Let's Get It On!The organized picks and round 1 standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  We all played it pretty tight and chose a total of 25 golfers.  No one was unanimous, but all but one of us went with Tiger, making him the favorite.  D.J. was the 2nd most popular golfer, picked 12 times.  Smiling Jason Dufner showed up on 10 teams.  McIlroy, Bubba and The Snedster were chosen 8 times each.  Six players are hoping Luke will use the force this week.  Westwood got the nod 5 times.  Stricker is the lone 4-bagger.  Watney, Bradley and The Big O are the treys.  Just a freakin' ton of deuces: Furyk, Simpson, Els, Harrington, Fowler, Mickelson, McDowell and Van Pelt.

A mere 5 unique picks.  Chris and Mike M. had two each.  Dave A. has one.  That leaves 12 of us not knowing the glory and pain of the Almighty Unique.

Nice mix of picks this week.  Only 25 golfers, but that's a quarter of the field.  That would be like picking 39 in a full field event.  The uniques are kind of thin, but the deuces make up for that.  They're playing in Bawst'n, or somewhere close to that, so that means someone will choke it down the stretch.  Oh man, I've got a feeling this sucker is gonna come down to the wire... and you know damn well it's gonna be a good one...

Let's get it on!

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