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Hugh Wins The Deutsche Bank!
After 17 tournaments I guess we finally got this thing down...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #17 trophy.As a group we kicked some ass this week.  We picked all of the top 6 golfers, 7 of the top 8 and 14 golfers who finished in the top 20.  But the only player who had all of the top 3 finishers was Hugh and he successfully defended his Deutsche Bank title, winning this week by $253,333 over Brian.  Hugh's other 3 picks that made the cut finished in the top 20.  It was his 2nd victory of the year.  Brian had 4 of the top 6 golfers and all 7 of his picks in the top 20, but couldn't overcome the big 2nd place money of Hugh's pick of 2nd place Louie O.  Jordie ended up 3rd, $83,467 behind Brian.  Jordie also had all 7 of his picks in the top 20.  Elise ended up 4th, missing the money by only $3,200.

Chris still leads the Summer Season battle, but his lead was cut to $1,474,481.  Bill stayed in 2nd and will need a miraculous final week to catch Chris.  Dan leaped up from 7th into the final money spot.  Jordie came back from 9th place to move to the bubble spot.  The difference between 2nd place and 7th is just over $900k.  Third and 7th are separated by $288,333 and $895,660 is the spread between 3rd and 10th.  The fight for the last money spot, and maybe even 2nd and 3rd place, is as tight as I remember any season going into the last event.

In the Year-Long race, Bill increased his lead over Randy to about $755k.  Dan again moved from 7th to 3rd, but is over $1.36 million behind Randy.  Steve is up 2 spots to 4th and about $466k out of the final payout position.  The difference between 3rd and 8th here is $875,579.  Another tight struggle for 3rd.

A Monday finish then right back at us with a Thursday start.  I'm sure the golfers can handle it, but it makes for some brutal golf pooling.  The picks are due for the final event of the year, The BMW Championship at Crooked Stick G.C. in Carmel, Indiana, in about 2˝ days.  We've still got $450 to pass around amongst us and if you read the previous two paragraphs you know the races are tight.  Suck it up kids, it's all on the line.  And almost all over.

Get those picks in on time.

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