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Mike D. Wins The San Diego Open!
Four out of the top 6 and Rickie coming on strong, damn right that's a winner...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #1 TrophyMike D. had 4 top 6 picks and rode them to victory this week, topping Hugh by $72,075.  T6 Rickie Fowler's 4 under final round and picking 6 golfers making the cut was the difference for Mike.  Hugh had 4 top 10's, but no Rickie and only 5 golfers in the money.  Bill finished third, had 4 top 10's and benefited from the Man in Orange's late charge, but t4 Watney's birdie on #18 dropped him from 2nd to the final money spot.  Dave A. also had 4 top 10 picks, but ended up 4th, missing the money by just under $58k.

Tour douche-bag Steve Marino made sure the telecast Monday lasted an hour longer than it should have; his group taking over 3 hours to play 10 holes and even more heinously making Tiger wait on every shot.  Anyone who picks him this year gets an automatic two stroke penalty.  We play by money winnings so I guess that doesn't really matter.  A special douche-bag award goes to the Columbus CBS affiliate for not carrying the golf this afternoon.  I recorded channel 10's broadcast from 4:00 to 6:30 and will let every sponsor of Dr. Phil and WBNS's high school AV class quality news coverage that a boycott of their products and services by all Central Ohio golfers is now in effect.  Cocksuckers.  They better be scared.  Thank god, or Tiger, and the PGA tour for internet streaming.

First tournament, so see the first paragraph for the Season Standings.

Our next event in about 9 days is The Crosby, or as they bastardize the name nowadays, The AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.  Celebrities, CEO's, idiotic interviews after the golfers tee off, 6 hour rounds... I can't wait.  The riffraff will be gone Sunday, I'll tune in then.

Get those picks in on time.

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