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The Accenture Match Play Picks Are Up!
If they played more match play tournaments maybe Phil wouldn't have to worry about his tax bill...
Let's Get It On!The organized picks for this week's tournament are up on the site.  I probably won't update the standings until all the matches today are complete, so everyone will be tied for 1st until the end of the day.  Congratulations to all.  We chose 27 of the 64 golfers.  No unanimous picks.  Old man Tiger is the favorite, making it on to 12 teams.  Young Rory is the second most popular choice, picked 11 times.  Eight of us think Westwood will make some putts this week.  Euro Ryder Cuppers Schwartzel, Poulter and Donald are on half the teams.  Bradley, Rose and Kuchar were picked 6 times each.  Louie O. got the nod 5 times.  Americans Watney and Mahan are treys.  The deuces are Simpson and D.J.

Thirteen unique picks.  Chris is the clear leader with 5.  Mike M. has 3.  Jordie, Brian, Mike D. and both Daves have one each.  The remaining 7 of us were a bit more conservative and avoided a unique this week.

A pretty good set of picks for this tournament.  Two clear favorites then we go lots of different ways.  Almost half the picks are uniques, though a couple players are hording most of those.  I don't know much about the course other than it's in the desert, but who cares?  This is match play, mano-a-mano for eighteen holes.  You gotta win 6 times this week to take home the big check.  It's Sunday every single day.  Manly golf.  They should do this more often.  Hell yea, this one's gonna go down to the wire...

Let's get it on!

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