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Dave B. Wins The Accenture Match Play!
Two in a row for the all-time money leader...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #3 TrophyThe first two rounds were brutal.  Out of the 27 golfers we picked, 21 were eliminated before the round of 16.  A few of us had no one left with 72 holes of golf left to play.  But of the remaining 6 golfers, four made it to the semi-finals.  Two players, Dave B. and Randy, had 3 of the final 4 and both finalists.  Dave had 4 quarter-finalists to Randy's 3 and that was more than enough to lead him to victory this week, topping Randy by $279k.  It was Dave's 2nd consecutive win.  It was also Randy's 2nd consecutive runner-up finish.  Chris had 3rd place Jason Day as a unique and needed his win in the consolation match to slip into the last money spot.  Chris finished $664k behind Randy and $65k ahead of 4th place Bill.

Dave extended his Season race lead to almost $580k.  Randy move up 5 spots to 2nd.  Brett fell one position to 3rd.  Bill moved up a couple places to the money bubble.

You may have noticed that even if your team dogged it this week, and even if it didn't, you made a little more money.  That's because we picked up a new player, Shelley M.  Shelley has been occasionally helping Brett with his picks the past year (they are "a couple") and I'm guessing she got sick of him not listening to her so she's going at it on her own.  Shelley is fairly new to the game; I don't think she played or followed the pro game before she met Brett some 5 years ago.  I've played with her in some scramble tournaments and if she'd play and practice a little more we'd be using most of her shots.  And from what I've heard from Brett her picks have been strong.  The competition just got tougher and we're all going to have to pick it up.  Welcome aboard Shelley!

The new payouts are now what I had planned to use if everyone came back from last year.  They are listed on the Rules of Play page.

And speaking of the Rules, I received two requests this weekend from people who wanted to join our pool; one from California and one from Utah (Utah?).  I have always responded to these requests by telling them we only take new members by referral from a current member.  I had intended to put this in the rules so people would see it and not waste their time sending me an email.  I forgot to include this at the beginning of the year and added it Sunday.  Technically we need a 2/3 vote to change the rules after the start of the season.  I will be sending an email out after this one with the change.  Please reply to it yes or no to approve or not approve this change/addition.  This is really just a technicality because I want to keep this policy.

Don't take a break, we are at it again this week.  The next event is this week, in about 3 days, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at the PGA National Resort, The Honda Classic.  Last year this was a Tiger/Rory battle on Sunday with the young upstart winning.  He better figure out his new clubs if he wants to repeat.  Tiger's got some "figuring out" to do too.

Get those picks in on time.

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