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The Honda Classic Picks Are Up!
Twenty Seven golfers picked (kinda) and 11 uniques (kinda) should make this one kinda good...
Let's Get It On!The organized picks and round 1 standings for this week's tournament are up on the site.  We chose 27 golfers.  No one is unanimous.  Tiger and Rory tied for most popular, on 13 teams each.  Lee Westwood is the choice for 9 players.  Rose and Schwartzel were picked 8 times each.  Keegan and Grey-me each show up on 7 teams.  Freddie Jacobson got the nod 5 times.  Dufner, Els and Louie O. are 4-baggers.  Kaymer and Fowler are the only treys.  The deuces are D.J., J.D. and H.M.

Eleven unique picks.  Dave B. leads the way with 4 non-playing uniques.  Mike M. has 2 uniques that won't be teeing it up this week.  Hugh, Chris, Brian, Randy and Dave A. have one participating unique each.

I changed the "Current Week Picks" page/spreadsheet so that the player names and picks are listed in the order of the standings.  In the past they were static, always in the same spot.  I thought this would make it easier to compare teams battling down the stretch.  It will also be a perk to the leaders in that they won't have to scroll down so much.  You may want to check the standings on the left side of the page before searching for your, or someone else's, name.

Of the 13 players who updated their teams this week we played it pretty tight.  We have 27 golfers picked but only 19 of them are playing (8 non-playing golfers is probably a record but I'm not tracking that)... two pretty clear favorites and a bunch around the halfway point, then enough uniques, deuces and treys to keep it real.  It's going to be tight at the top all four days.  Hopefully there won't be any snow in South Florida this week.  Even if there is it's gonna be a damn good one...

Let's get it on!

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