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The 2014 Pool Will Start In San Diego!
The schedule is set and it's time to get some golf pool on...
Let's Get It On!From what I've seen the past several years, the NFL resembles something more like professional wrestling and not anything I would call football, so football season is over and it's time to crank up the 2014 edition of the Rule 20-6 Golf Pool, year number 11.

The 2014 website is up and ready with a few cosmetic changes, though it's really pretty much the same as last year.  I may make some changes as we go, but nothing major or anything that will change how the picks are entered.  If you have the site bookmarked in your browser, click this link ( and save the new bookmark or edit your current bookmark to say /pool14/ instead of /pool13/.  Typing in your browser address bar will always take you to the current site.
The tournament schedule is exactly the same as last year.  We will start January 23 at the Farmers Insurance San Diego Open.  After that we take a week off, then Pebble, a week off, then we hit the "Spring Blitz" playing the WGC-Match Play, the Honda Classic and the WGC-Cadillac Championship three weeks in a row.  A week off then we'll get it on at Arnie's tournament.  We'll get two weeks off again this year before the Masters, take a week off after the year's first major, then finish the Spring Season with New Orleans and The Players Championship, breaking one week between those two.

After the big bucks Players (though anymore the purse is not that much bigger than the WGC tournaments) we'll take 2 weeks off before starting up the Summer Season at the Memorial.  A week off then try our luck at Pinehurst and the 2nd major of the year, The U.S. Open.  A week off followed by the AT&T.  We'll jones for two weeks then play the British Open at Hoylake.  Follow that major up with an off week then tackle the WGC-Bridgestone.  The very next week will be in Louisville for the final major, The PGA. One week to rest up then we'll end the Summer and year with the first three "Playoff" events.  There is no week off between The Deutsch Bank and The BMW this year, so we'll be done on September 7.  It's all on the Calendar and Schedule Pages.

The money will be the same as last year, $170 for everything for the whole year.  It's all broken down on the Rules Of Play page.  Be sure to read through all of that page again (or maybe for the first time) .  There were a couple of changes, dealing with situations that will probably never happen, but we're covered now if they do.

The Player Pages will work the same as last year.  If you forgot your password, do not worry or waste your time emailing me.  Click on your Player Page link and just below the password input area you'll see a button that says: "Forgot your password?  Click Here".  Follow that and the system will email you your current password.  Make sure I have your current email (if it is not the one this email was sent to).

Also, you can change your password at any time (if you first know your current password) by going to your Player Page and clicking the "Change Password" link, just below the "View Current Balance" link.

I have found that if you use Google's Chrome browser or Mozilla's Firefox browser you do not have to retype your password every week you go to your Player Page to do your picks.  Microsoft's IE browser (versions 10 and below anyway, I haven't tried version 11 yet) does not do this.  This has to do with the way the browsers handle session cookies.  Even though technically Microsoft is doing things correctly, Chrome and Firefox are safer, faster and, in my opinion, better browsers.  Might be something to consider, not so much for the golf pool site but for your other internet browsing habits.  If you want to switch and have questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If anyone knows someone who would like to join us this year, tell them about the joys of golf pooling with the Rule 20-6 Golf Pool and have them contact me, preferably at least a couple days before the first event so I can set them up in the entry system.  Also if they have any questions have them contact me.  If anyone is not going to play this year, let me know and I'll take you off this mailing list and out of the system.

Hey, only two weeks until this all starts up.  I don't think I can wait that long.

You bet your ass I'm ready to get it on!

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