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And The Game Is On!
Three things you can count on: death, taxes and the Rule 20-6 Golf Pool...
Let's Get It On!We are officially underway!  The organized picks and round one standings are up on the site.  We chose 23 golfers.  Everyone likes Tiger's potential in 2014, as he is unanimous.  Phil is the #2 favorite, showing up on all but 2 teams.  Bill Haas' good play last week convinced 11 of us to pick him.  For reasons unknown Snedeker is on 10 teams.  Youngsters Jason Day and Jordan Spieth are on the lists of 8 players each.  Rickie "Hack" Fowler and Jimmy "JJ" Walker are on 7 teams each.  Keegan got the nod 6 times.  Bubba and Lee are treys.  Horschel and Mahan are the only deuces.

Ten uniques picks for the opening week.  Chris is the clear leader with 4.  Mike M. has 2.  Jordie, Dan, Randy and Dave A. have one each.  The remaining 9 of us will wait for a later tournament to tempt the unique gods.

If you did your math reading that last paragraph you found we have 15 players again this year; and it's the same 15 as last year.  Payouts will be the same as last year, unless we get a late signup.  The updates this weekend might be infrequent, my uncle, who has been ill for several years, is in a Hospice center and probably won't make it through the weekend.  I'll update the standings when I can, every evening at the worst.

Sorry for that bit of a downer because we have a nice set of picks for this first tournament.  A tight set of'em for the group as a whole, 23 is pretty low, but a few of us are willing to gamble out of the blocks.  Because the two courses they play are so different in difficulty the standings are pretty much worthless until after round 2 is done.  That doesn't mean the golf pooling won't get serious this weekend.  Beautiful course, good field... oh yea you know what I'm ready for....

Let's get it on!

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