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The Honda Classic Picks Are Up!
Nobody ever looks at the Expert Picks, do they?...
Let's Get It On!The alphabetized picks and ridiculously early round 1 standings are up on the site.  I initially put the standings up before the afternoon wave teed off, so those are pretty much worthless.  If you are reading this in the late afternoon or evening on Thursday, never mind, I should have it updated with the late tee timers by then.  We chose 23 golfers, though only 18 of them are playing.  Tiger is the favorite but not unanimous, picked 13 times.  Adam and Rory tie for the 2nd most popular spot, chosen 12 times each.  Ten of us think Rickie Fowler has found it again.  Gray-me is on 9 teams.  Keegan got the nod 8 times.  Phil, Charl and Sergio are on 6 teams each.  Billy Horschel is a 4-bagger.  Henrik and Zach are treys.  The only deuces are Lee Westwood and Chucky Howell.

Nine unique picks.  Chris has 4.  Mike M. has 2.  Brian, Jordie and Dave A. have one each.  The remaining 10 of us found nothing unique at PGA National.

We certainly are playing it pretty tight this week.  Throwing out those who didn't get their picks in on time, 14 players came up with 19 golfers.  How we didn't have any duplicate teams is probably more amazing then the low number of playing golfers picked (which is most likely a record, but that's too hard to look up).  If we keep up this stingy-ass picking we may have to go to 8 golfers per team.  I'll bet this one's going to be close all four days.  Despite the gross overuse of the toponym  "The Bear Trap" we will hear from NBC and Golf Channel announcers, it's still gonna be a good one...

Let's get it on!

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