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Mike D. Wins The Honda Classic!
He was the only one who didn't choke...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #2 trophy.I think the PGA Tour changed their advertising catch phrase to "These Guys Are Usually Good, But Not Always".  It was a brutal bloodbath to watch.  They were vomiting all over themselves so bad that I lost track of how it happened, but Mike D. won this week, outlasting Steve by $45,400.  Mike did have all of his picks make the cut, though that Pussy Woods decided he didn't want to post a score over 80, withdrew and didn't get official money.  Steve's 2nd place finish was his 3rd cash in a row.  Hugh grabbed the last money spot, ending up $94,800 behind Steve and $13,120 ahead of Dave B., who finished 4th.

Steve stretched his Spring Season lead to just over $1 million.  Mike M. jumped over Shelley to 2nd and leads her by about $47k.  I remained in 4th.

No rest.  We are going at it again this week, about a 2 hour drive south of Palm Beach in Miami at the W.G.C.-Cadillac Championship on the Doral Resort Blue Monster course.  The course and resort actually have a new name but you will not read it anywhere in this pool.  The plastic haired blowhard who bought the resort last year also redesigned the course.  Actually, I doubt he did it himself, but I imagine it will be a architectural and golfing disaster.  I don't know why they keep messing with the Blue Monster.  It always seems to produce exciting finishes.  Too many birdies, I guess.

Get those picks in on time.

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