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Dave A. Wins The British Open!
You didn't think we could go a year without a Dave winning a major?...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool British Open Trophy.Sorry for the late official results. doesn't seem to like to post results with money winnings very quickly.  I guess it's more important to update their Twitter and Facebook links first, the ones nobody ever clicks on.  Thanks for a such a shitty site Finchem.

Enough bitching, we had a damn good tournament.  Dave A. was the only player with 4 golfers in the top 10 and won his record-tying 8th career major by $167,289 over Bill.  It was Dave's first cash of the year and his first win since The 2012 Barclays.  If t2 Rickie Fowler doesn't birdie 18, Dave doesn't finish in the money, let alone win.  Bill squeaked by 3rd place Steve by just over $4,000.  I finished 4th, about $5,300 behind Steve.  It was a close one this week.

The top 4 spots in the Summer "T.M.C." did not change. In order, it's Chris, me, Dan and Steve.  Two tournaments to go in that pool.

I extended my Summer Season lead to $1,178,599.  Steve moved up one spot to 2nd.  Bill, up to 3rd from 4th, trails Steve by $129,832.  Dan fell 2 spots to 4th and is $106,414 out of the last money position.

Steve stayed in first in the Year-Long race, $20,620 ahead of me.  Hugh is still 3rd, about $1.3 million out of 2nd.  Dave B. came up from 5th to 4th and is just under $1.57 million behind Hugh.

We have next week off and you better rest up kids, August is a busy golf pooling month.  We play 5 of 6 weeks starting with our next event, which begins in about 10 days, the W.G.C.-Bridgestone Invitational in far from beautiful Akron, Ohio.  Wondering if LeBron will be there?  No need to wonder if I'll care.  Nike will probably require him to be there so he and Tiger can get in their required yearly mutual hand job picture.  How Tiger would even qualify for that tournament is a mystery to me.  Oh wait, he's Tiger.  ESPN thinks he's still good and matters to golf, so that's enough.

Get those picks in on time.

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