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The British Open Picks Are Up!
Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Arrrgggggg!!!!!...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings are on the site.  We chose 32 golfers for this year's 3rd major.  Not unanimous, but Adam Scott is the favorite, on 12 teams.  Rory and Martin tied for the 2nd most popular choice, picked 10 times each.  The hottest player in the world, Justin Rose, shows up on 8 teams.  Seven of us like Henrik.  Garcia and McDowell were picked 6 times each.  The Cheetah got the nod 5 times.  Fowler, Kuchar and Spieth are 4-baggers.  Jason Day and defending champ Philly Mick are the only treys.  The deuces include Bradley, Cabrera, Jimenez and Z.J.

One less than half of the picks are uniques, 15.  Jordie is the leader with 4.  Dan has 3.  Chris checks in with 2 uniques.  Shelley, Hugh, Mike M., both Daves and I have one each.  The other 6 players won't know the Vandevelde agonies or Ben Curtis joys of an Open Championship unique this year.

As a whole we certainly didn't go stock with our picks.  32 seems like a lot of golfers for a major.  15 uniques will keep it real, if any of them decide to play.  The course isn't as firm, fast and brown as I like to see at this tournament, but it's still very "Links-like".  And this is the British Open... something bizarre has to happen.  Phil winning last year was pretty bizarre, I think.  As long as this year's bizarre isn't Tiger winning, this is gonna be another damn good major...

Let's Get It On!

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