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Dave B. Wins The BMW Championship!
Dan hangs on to win the Summer Season and Steve wins the Year-Long and TMC...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #18 trophy.Dave B. had winner Billy Horschel as a unique pick and won this week by $183,200 over Shelley.  It was his 2nd win of the year and extended his record number of career wins to 26.  Horschel was obviously key for Dave, but without t4 Jim Furyk's final round 66 (a good final round for him is highly unusual, though he wasn't really in contention) Dave probably wouldn't have won.  Shelley had 5 of her 6 golfers who bothered to finish the week in the top 8, including 2nd place deuce pick Bubba Watson.  Mike D. finished 3rd, $325,480 behind Shelley, and also had Bubba on his team.  Steve finished on the bubble, $127,200 away from Mike.

Dan hung on and won the Summer Season battle, in what remained a tight race until the end.  Steve moved up to 2nd and was $120,825 in back of Dan.  I took the final money spot, $77,492 behind Steve.  Bill missed out on this Season cash, ending up 4th and $103,367 behind me.

The top 4 positions in the Summer T.M.C. did not change after the final event.  Steve won, I trailed him by just over $404k.  Dan was 3rd, a little more than $205k behind me and Chris was 4th, out of the money by about $178k.

Steve won the Year-Long race by about $539k over Hugh.  I ended up 3rd, around $737k less than Hugh.  Dave B.'s final tournament charge got him the "Nice Try" spot, near $1.16 million from cashing.

Steve's numerous season race cashes and overall impressive year made him the new all-time leading money winner.  He replaces Dave B., who held the position of honor since the end of the 2008 season.

Well, that's 11 years.  I know I have not done any one thing in my life that long.  The BMW Championship was our 200th tournament.  We should have had a party.  We've passed around $21,245 between us in these 11 years.  I will send out winners checks in the next week or two, depending on when I get checks for those who owe money.  Please, if you owe, don't hose your fellow pool players and get me the money quickly.  The address to send the checks to, along with what you won or owe, is on your "View Current Balance" page on your personal Player Page.

I hope everyone had fun and will be back next year.  I was looking over the 2015 schedule a couple weeks ago and the PGA Tour is changing things up a bit, so we may have a slightly different group of tournaments next year.  The majors won't be changing, of course, so you can count on those.  I'll let you know as we approach the new year.

Good luck to everyone in your football pools and we'll meet again in late January, early February.

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