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The 2015 Schedule Is Set!
New year, new tournaments, new order... it's time to get it on!...
Let's Get It On!Now that football season is over (as I've mentioned before I don't think the WWNFL much resembles real football anymore) and all you hardcore Buckeye fans have been released from jail, it's time to start thinking about golf and the 12th year of The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool.

The 2015 website is up and running.  Not much, if anything, has changed from last year.  Be sure to update your browser bookmark so you are on the "" pages (as always, typing in or editing your bookmark to just "" will always take you to the most recent site).  The PGA Tour moved some tournaments around a little this year, so our set of 18 tournaments will be a bit different from the past few years.  I've noticed that most everyone's interest, and probably time available to make picks, seems to be greater in the Spring Season more than the Summer, so I set up the Spring to be a little "busier" than the Summer.  But we will not play more than 2 weeks in a row at any point.

We are starting in San Diego on February 5, a week later than recent years.  Two weeks after that we will visit the Los Angeles area, Riviera Country Club and the Northern Trust Open.  Two weeks after that we go to Miami and the first T.M.C. and W.G.C. event of the the year at Doral.  A week off then to Orlando for Arnie's party.  No week off before the next event, the Texas Open in San Antonio.  We'll get a week to prepare for the year's first major, who's name I really don't need to type.  The week immediately after the Masters we'll try The Heritage in Hilton Head.  A week off then we'll go back-to-back for the final 2 events of the Spring, The W.G.C.-Match Play in its new date slot and The Players Championship.

One week off before the start of The Summer Season, which will be at Colonial C.C. in Ft. Worth.  The Summer Season will be every other week until the last tournament.  In order, the tournaments are The Memorial, The U.S. Open, The Greenbrier Classic, The British Open, The Quicken Loans National, The PGA, The Barclays and The Deutsche Bank Championship (no week off between the Barclays and Deutsche Bank).  We will be done on Labor Day.  Everything is laid out in detail, with links, on the Schedule page.

The money will be the same as last year, $170 for everything.  It's all broken down on the "Rules Of Play" page.  Be sure to read through that page again.  There were a couple of changes, mostly in the wording, nothing major.

The Player Pages and submitting picks will work the same as last year.  If you forgot your password, do not worry or waste your time emailing me.  Click on your Player Page link and just below the password input area you'll see a button that says: "Forgot your password?  Click Here".  Follow that and the system will email you your current password to the address this email was sent.

Also, you can change your password at any time (if you first know your current password) by going to your Player Page and clicking the "Change Password" link, just below the "View Current Balance" link.

If you are mailing money, note that I have a new address.  It is listed on your "Current Balance" page.

If anyone knows someone who would like to join us this year, tell them about the excitement and thrills of The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool and have them contact me, preferably at least a couple days before the first event so I can set them up in the entry system.  Also if they have any questions have them contact me.  If anyone is not going to play this year, let me know and I'll take you off this mailing list and out of the system.

Only 22 days until we crank it up.  This is going to be one hell of a year of golf pooling.

Oh yea I'm ready to get it on!

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