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The L.A. Open Picks Are Up!
'And the freeways are crammed and the mountains erupt and the valley is sucked into cracks in the earth...'
Let's Get It On!"Uptight, city in the smog, city in the smog.
Don't you wish that you could be here too?

-L.A. by Neil Young from Time Fades Away

The organized picks and early round one standings are up on the site.  We chose 31 golfers, and most of them are playing.  Jimmy Walker is the favorite and one pick short of unanimous.  The young Spieth boy was the 2nd most popular golfer, chosen 10 times.  Bubber and Dustin "Sniff, Sniff" Johnson are on 8 teams each.  Furyk and Snedeker show up 6 times each.  Charl got the nod 5 times.  Watney is the lone 4-bagger.  Matsuyama and Jay's boy are treys.  K.J., Harry English and Sergio are this week's playing deuces.  Jason Day and Rickie Fowler are this week's non-playing deuces.

More than half of the golfers chosen are unique picks, 16 (though only 14 are playing).  Chris is the leader with 4.  Mike M. has 3.  Randy and Hugh have 2 each.  Jordie, Dan, Dave, Joe and Mike D. check in with one each.  Brian, Bill, Steve and I missed out on a L.A. Loner this week.

This is a much more interesting mix of picks than the last tournament.  A couple clear favorites, a few semi-favorites, then, well, let's just say it's up for grabs.  Almost 75% of of the golfers chosen are uniques, deuces or treys.  Throw in a great old course like Riviera and we've got the makings of what great golf pooling is all about.  Yea, you betcha it's gonna be a good one...

Let's get it on!

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