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Brian Wins The L.A. Open!
Horses for courses...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #2 Trophy.Brian's first win in this Pool was the 2009 L.A. Open.  With a solid set of picks, all 7 making the cut, and being the only player with 3 top 10's he made his latest win the 2015 L.A. Open, finishing $121,330 ahead of me.  We've only played in L.A. twice since Brian joined up, so he is 2 for 2 at Riviera.  I wonder if they'll rename it Brian's Alley?  I finished $11,256 ahead of 3rd place Joe, who got his first career cash.  Joe lost out on 2nd place, and probably first place too, when his unique pick of Vaughn Taylor played the last 10 holes in 6 over par, including a triple bogey on #10.  Steve ended up 4th, about $13k behind Joe.

Brian took over the Spring Season lead.  Steve is 2nd and trails Brian by about $62k.  I am 3rd, around $21k back of 2nd, and Bill is a close 4th.  A long way to go yet in that race.

Our next event in about 10 days is in the sunny armpit of South Florida, Miami, and is the first W.G.C. tournament of the year, The Cadillac Championship.  This one is again at The Blue Monster, Doral.  I know the course name now includes the last name of that guy who's named after the lead suit in a Euchre hand, but again this year you will not see that jackass' name posted anywhere in this Pool.  Speaking of jackasses, this will also be the first "Tiger May Care" event of the year, but I doubt we see "The Tiger" listed in the standings since I don't think he qualifies.  I'm not 100% sure about that, so feel free to pick him anyway.

Get those picks in on time.

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