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John Wins The Arnold Palmer!
The King is dead, long live the King...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #4 trophy.My unique pick of T6 Jason Kokrak (I'm pretty sure it's pronounced Cock'-Rack) hung in there for me just enough on Sunday and along with runner-up Henrik Stenson, I was the only player with 2 top 10 finishers and won this week by a miniscule $785 over Mike M.  It was my first "non-tie" win since the 2013 Honda.  Mike had his unique pick of T21 Matsuyama shoot 68 on Sunday, but he started just a stroke too far back.  Brian finished 3rd, cashing for the 3rd time in a row, $14,136 behind Mike.  Bill finished on the bubble, missing the money by about $45k.

Brian still leads the Season race.  He stretched his lead a bit over 2nd place Steve, to about $194k.  I moved up one spot to 3rd, around $237k behind Steve.  Hugh fell one spot to 4th, about $153k out of the last money spot.

Bill is leading the NCAA Men's basketball pool.  It has pretty much been a bloodbath; it looks like 10 of the sweet 16 is the best any of us could do.

We actually do have a NCAA Women's basketball pool, Steve and I are going "mano-e-mano", which makes us either the two biggest degenerate gamblers in this pool or the two biggest lesbians.  Last time I looked I was leading by one 2nd round game, but I'm not sure when they play, so I guess I'll check again tomorrow.  But I will be certain to keep you all informed.

No time off.  We are playing again this week, in about 3 days, at the TPC of San Antonio and The Valero Texas Open.  When we played this tournament a couple years ago, I seem to remember only PGA Tour pros from Texas and desperate Tour golfers played in this thing.  I'm sure this year will be another stellar field.  And with this being in Texas, what would you expect?  Why would anyone want to go to Texas?  Beef BBQ?  Maybe, but pork BBQ is better (and a hell of a lot cheaper).  The chilli is way over rated and I'm pretty sure even Fredonia, Ohio has a "Tex-Mex" restaurant.  So it's not the food.  Sure as hell isn't the people.  Maybe if you like carrying a gun, wearing a cowboy hat and bolo ties, being a generally obnoxious asshole and think Tony Romo is a good quarterback, then yea, you'd go there.  What I see of Texas on my TV is too much for me.

Get those picks in on time.

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