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The Texas Open Picks Are Up!
In Texas, if a player gets DQ'd, they get the chair...
Let's Get It On!The alphabetized picks and round one standings for this week's event are on the site.  We chose 25 golfers.  Young Texan Jordan Spieth is the favorite and a unanimous pick for the 2nd time this year.  James Walker, Texas Ranger, shows up in the #2 spot, chosen 11 times.  D.J. got 10 votes.  Smilin' Matt is on 9 teams.  Ryan Palmer got the nod 8 times.  Six of us said yea to Na and Loopy Jim.  Z.J was picked 6 times.  Harry English is the lone four-bagger.  No treys, but Italian Francesco Molinari, German Martin Kaymer, and wanna-be Texan Phil Mickelson are deuces.

Once again we have more uniques than multiple picks, 13 to 12 this week.  Chris is the leader with 3.  Dan and Randy have 2 each.  Jordie, Steve, Dave, Hugh, and both Mikes have one each.  Joe, Brian, Bill and I missed out on any gun-slingin', cattle-ropin', bible-beltin', death penalty lovin' Texas uniques.

Bill and I picked the same 7 golfers, so our chances for uniques were pretty much the same as the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl with Tony Romo.

These picks look a lot like most of the tournaments so far this year... four or five favorites, a few mid-range picks then a bunch of uniques.  We've had some close tournaments so far, so maybe this spread of picks works.  Somebody is due to get lucky and have a unique winner, so a blowout wouldn't surprise me.  But despite this tournament being held in the anus of the U.S., I think it's gonna be a perty gosh darn tootin' good one...

Let's get it on!

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