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Steve Wins The Texas Open!
Only those who played in the NCAA pool were eligible to cash this week...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #5 Trophy.Steve was the only player with 5 top 10 finishers and won this week by $80,600 over Bill and me.  It was Steve's first win of the year.  He was helped to victory in large part by his unique pick of T8 Brendan Steele, who had a rough start Sunday but played the last 13 holes in 2 under, including a birdie on #18.  Bill and I and our matching teams tied for 2nd, due mostly to Zach Johnson, one of the Tour's best putters, deciding to use a different, spaceship style putter this week.  He must have hit the ball like a champion because from what I saw he putted like a dyslectic quadriplegic on acid.  Maybe next time I pick him he'll change his swing.  Joe finished 4th, $13,578 out of the money.

Brian stayed in first in the season race, but still 2nd place Steve narrowed Brian's lead to just over $52k.  I'm remained in 3rd, about $318k behind Steve.  Mike D. moved up one position to the bubble spot, roughly $322k out of 3rd place.

The NCAA men's basketball pool comes down to the first semi-final game on Saturday.  If Duke beats Michigan State I will win the pool, if not, Bill will win.  I kinda hope I lose.

I won the NCAA women's basketball pool by correctly picking both of Sunday's quarterfinal games.  Steve and I picked different winners in those games and by getting both games right I took a 160 point lead.  The most he can pick up on me the rest of the way is 80 points and we both have UConn winning it all.

The next tournament in about 10 days is the real start to the golf season and the first true sign of spring... that's right it's time for the world's finest golf tournament and the first major of the year, The Masters.  I can almost now smell the azaleas, the pines and the pimento cheese sandwiches... hear the roars from Amen corner, the moans when a ball goes into the water on #15, the bitching about the long lines at the main souvenir stand... and listening to Jim Nance say... well, I'll stop there.  No point in ruining the image.

Get those picks in on time.

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