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Steve Wins The Masters!
Rory couldn't do it, but Steve got it done...
Let's Get It On!Our competition didn't go down to the wire any more than the tournament itself, but it was a lot closer.  Steve, just like Spieth, went wire-to-wire to win this year's Masters by $28,000 over Dan.  The only difference on their teams was t28 Day for Steve and Dan's pick of t38 Walker.  Walker finished early with a 70 on Sunday and Day was still on the course hacking it up pretty good.  Steve actually fell behind Dan after Day made bogey on #13, but the Aussie played the last 5 holes in 2 under, shot 75, and won Steve his first Masters title.  It was Steve's 2nd tournament win in a row, 2nd major win in a row and completed the career grand slam for him. Dave snagged 3rd place money, finishing $12,000 behind Dan.  Dave had 6 golfer make the cut, but Steve had the same 6 plus one more in the money.  Dave was knocked out of 2nd place by Day's poor play early and the lack of a 7th casher.  Brian was 4th, missing the money by $255,000.

The purse ended up being $10 million, instead of $9 million as was the original guess.  The percentage payouts were, and always are with the finest run tournament in the world, the same as previous years and what I was using during the tournament.  So the only thing that was different in the official results were the dollar amounts.  The standings were always accurate.

At the halfway point of the "T.M.C." race, Steve is first and leads Dan by $122k.  Third place is a tie between Brian and Mike D.  They are $106k behind Dan.

Steve won enough this week to grab the Spring Season lead from Brian.  He's ahead by a little less than $243k.  Mike D. jumped up one spot to 3rd place, just over $732k behind Brian.  I am the current bubble boy, around $251k out of the final money spot.  Three tournaments left in this pool.

No time to rest.  We are going at it again in about three days in Hilton Head, South Carolina at Harbour Town and the Heritage Classic.  We have only played this tournament once, in 2011, and Mike D. won.  I guess that makes him the favorite.  I doubt the field will be stellar, but I've always liked watching this tournament.  It's a short, tight course that requires some skill and accuracy rather than ugly, nut-crunching brute force... something you don't see much on the PGA Tour these days.  I doubt too many top finishers from Augusta will be there.  I think Tiger was going to play, but he's too busy putting various bones in his body back into place.  After #9 Sunday, he does it for fun now.  What a stud.

Get those picks in on time.

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