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The RBC Heritage Picks Are Up!
Guess the Masters had a strange affect on us...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round 1 standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  We chose 37 golfers, though there is a pretty big asterisks beside that number.  Most of us thought Masters champ Jordan Spieth would actual care this week.  He's the favorite, picked 11 times.  Heritage defending champ Smilin' Matt was chosen 9 times.  Streelman and Z.J. show up on 7 teams each.  Loopy Jim got the nod 5 times.  Patrick Reed is the only 4-bagger.  Snedeker and Henley are the only playing treys.  McIlroy, Day and Walker are non-playing treys.  McDowell, Simpson, Haas, Donald, Oosthuizen and Poulter are the playing deuces.  The Bubba is a non-playing deuce.

Nineteen uniques, again with an asterisks.  Mike M. leads with 4.  Chris and Hugh are right there with 3 each.  Dan, Joe and Bill have 2 each.  Dave, Randy and Jordie have one each.  Mike D., Brian, Steve and I couldn't find a plaid unique.  Steve and I have the same team.

I am pretty sure this is the most bizarre set of picks ever.  Three players didn't get their teams updated.  Throw out the non-playing golfers and we still have 29 picks and 15 uniques.  Two players picked the same 7 golfers.  There is no point in doing any sort of analysis of this mess.  We'll add it up Sunday and see who wins.  But we are still playing a fine course and a tournament where the winner gets a plaid jacket.  That's pretty sweet.  It's time to get our plaid on and, of course...

Let's get it on!

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