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Steve Wins The WGC-Cadillac Match Play!
Match play, stroke play... it doesn't matter, he just keeps winning...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #8 trophy.The 3 players in the money this week were the only ones who picked 2 semi-finalists, winner Rory McIlroy and consultation match loser Jim Furyk, which made Sunday pretty unexciting for the pool results.  Of this week's cashers, Steve was the only one with 3 group winners and he won for the 3rd time this year, ending up $176,853 ahead of Bill.  It was also Steve's 4th cash in a row and 5th of the Season, both feats tying pool records.  Bill's team managed one more group match win than 3rd place Brian's, which gave Bill 2nd by $22,324.  I ended up this week's bubble boy, $58,147 out of the money.

Steve stretched his Season race lead over Brian to just under $473k.  I moved up one spot to 3rd and trail 2nd place Brian by just over $1 million.  Dave also moved up one spot to 4th and is about $574k behind me.  Next week's event will decide this pool.

As one might expect, Steve maintained his "T.M.C." lead.  Brian moved up one spot to 2nd and is roughly $427 behind Steve.  Dan fell one spot to 3rd and is exactly $129k short of Brian.  Dave is also 4th in this race, about $427 behind Dan.  Next week's Season finale will determine the final standings.

No time to rest, though this is the last back-to-back tournament for a while.  In about 3 days we go all the way across the country to the Jacksonville area for our final event of the Spring Season at Florida's top gator farm and most overrated tournament, TPC Sawgrass and the Players Championship.  NBC is determined to make this major, but fortunately no one in the sports world takes NBC seriously.  And how could they with that brain damaged set of announcers they use?  I think I heard they set a new television record for words per minute during a live broadcast last week...  and yet we learned nothing more than Johnny Miller grew up playing Harding Park.  I'd say they are the worst announcing team in golf, but Fox has the U.S. Open this year and I have a feeling I'd have to correct that statement in a few weeks.  The Season and "T.M.C." pools are on the line, and the mute button still works, so it won't be all that bad.

Get those picks in on time.

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