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Dave Wins The Colonial Invitational!
Deuces and uniques rule the week...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #10 trophy.Captain Chris Kirk was the man on Sunday and only two golf poolers had him.  Dave was one of them and he won this week by $200,785 over Steve, the only other player smart enough to pick Kirk.  Dave had T5 Pat Perez as a unique, which was the 2nd major reason for his victory.  It was Dave's 3rd win of the year, 2nd in a row and record extending career 29th.  Steve didn't have much more than Kirk (everyone had T2 Spieth), but winners mean a lot in this pool.  Mike D. can prove that.  He finished 3rd, about $425k behind Steve, had T2 Snedeker and T5 Poulter as uniques, but no starship captains on his team.  Brian ended up on the money bubble, just under $243k short of another cash.

This was the first Summer Season event, see above for those current standings.

Steve jumped back over Brian in the Year-Long race, taking a $558,723 lead.  Dave stayed in 3rd but moved closer to 2nd place, around $475k behind Brian.  I remain a distant 4th.

Our next event in about 10 days is at Jack's place in Dublin, Ohio, Muirfield Village and The Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide.  That is the last time I'll be typing out all that.  "The Memorial" is plenty.  This one always has a good field and based on the reports from the local media the field will have most the big names.  The golfers get treated better at this tournament than any other this side of the Masters.  A couple years ago they even put in a way for the golfers to move around between the locker room, 1st and 10th tees, 9th and 18th greens and driving range without having to get anywhere near the fans.  I'm sure that was done at Tiger's request.  I haven't heard if he'll be there this year, but I don't usually pay attention to what scrubs are playing.

Get those picks in on time.

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