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The Memorial Tournament Picks Are Up!
Nobody picked Jack...
Let's Get It On!The picks for this week's tournament and round 1 standings are on the site.  We chose 27 golfers.  For the 6th time this year, young Jordan was the favorite, picked by all but one of us.  Duuhhstin Johnson was the #2 pick and, uh, like he was picked, uh, like, uh 10 times.  Nine of us went with Justin Rose.  Puma Man got the nod 8 times.  Na and Furyk show up on 7 teams each.  Six of us think Tiger's swing has actually changed for the better.  Haas and Kuchar are 4-baggers.  Matsuyama and Day are treys.  The only deuces are Reed and Moore.

More than half the picks are uniques, 14.  Joe and Mike M. lead with 3 each.  Randy and Dave have 2 apiece.  Brian, Dan, Chris and Mike D. have one each.  Steve, Hugh, Jordie, Bill and I could not find a Golden Bear unique.

We definitely have a bit of a formula going here just about every week... mid to high 20's for the number of picks, around half of them uniques.  We get some definite favorites, but plenty of wildcards to keep it real.  This week certainly fits in the formula.  Even though this isn't where Jack grew up (Upper Arlington, not Dublin) and not where he lives (that would be Florida, not Ohio), this is still Jack's town and Jack's tournament.  Everyone wants to impress The Bear.  I said last year this is probably our "5th major" because it is the only tournament we've played every year in this pool other than the 4 real majors.  And maybe we play this tournament every year because I grew up in central Ohio, it was the first PGA Tour event I ever saw in person and went to it every year until I moved away 20 some years ago.  Ah, maybe.  It's a pretty solid course, especially for a Nicklaus design, the field is always strong and there have been some excellent finishes through the years.  Unless they hold it the same week as a real major we will keep playing it, as a non-major of course.  It's a Rule 20-6 classic event, and that means its just gotta be a good one...

Let's get it on!

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