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The Greenbrier Classic Picks Are Up!
Apparently not everyone wants to play in WVa...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this week are on the site.  We chose, with a very large asterisk, 32 golfers.  The somewhat hometown favorite Bubba is our favorite at 12 picks.  Haas, Kisner and Reed show up on 8 teams each.  Seven players like Paul Casey.  World Wide Simpson got the nod 6 times.  Long John Holmes and Graham Alt-Delete were chosen 5 times each.  Keegan is the lone trey.  The playing deuces are Pat Perez, Kevin Na and Louie O.  The non-playing deuces are Spieth, Captain Kirk and D.J.  Nobody picked Tyrone Van Aswegen or the less popular Tiger Woods.

Seventeen unique picks, and there's that asterisk again.  Mike M. is the leader with 5, all playing for at least a couple days.  Dan has 4 non-playing uniques.  Chris and Mike D. have 2 each, but Chris' aren't in West Virginia this week.  Hugh, Brian, Joe and I have one each.  Steve, Randy, Bill, Jordie and Dave could not find a toothless hillbilly unique.  Jordie and Randy have the same team.

Two players didn't get their picks in this week, which is always a bummer the tournament after a major.  Often the common major picks are resting up and not playing and that was certainly the case this week.  If anyone wants to receive text notifications for an upcoming deadline, send me your cell number and what carrier you use and I can easily set you up.  They come just like the emails, one announcing the deadline then reminders to submit your picks.  Once you submit a team they stop.  The text messages are much shorter than the emails.  Just another service to increase your golf pooling pleasure.

There was a problem with the entry system for one player, though it could happen to anyone if I don't fix the problem.  Hugh submitted a team Wednesday evening.  He then updated his team early Thursday morning on a different device (computer).  Then, about an hour after the deadline he opened the browser on the computer he made his first set of pick on and it was still on the screen that says "Your picks have been submitted."  This caused the system to resubmit his original team, after the deadline, and for some reason it was accepted.  He may have hit the back button, not sure.  Regardless, this is not right.  Each time a team is submitted an encrypted file of the picks is created, so I was able to delete Hugh's last "submission" (It was after the deadline so it didn't count.  It wasn't the team he wanted either, though he might want it now).  I will hopefully have this issue fixed by the next tournament, but always click something on the "Your picks have been submitted" page to move to another part of the site before closing your browser.

It is pretty tough to analyze this week's picks.  Throwing out the golfers not playing we have 23 golfers picked and 11 uniques.  For 11 players, that's about like every other week this year.  The scores look pretty low so far, so I'm sticking with my prediction of a 58 before Sunday night.  I've typed enough here, so let's just say, baring a M.T.R. mining disaster, this is gonna be a good one...

Let's get it on!

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