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John Wins The Greenbrier Classic!
But he missed out on the $1000 hole-in-one because he had to take a dump...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #13 trophy.Thanks to T2 Kevin Kisner's final round 64, and in a larger part to unique pick T6 Brendon Todd, The Commish came through with his 2nd win of the season and 3rd of the year, finishing $112,254 ahead of Joe.  Joe, the only money winner this week with all 7 of his picks making the cut, missed out on the winner's circle due mostly to T37 Seung-Yul Noh shooting 72 on Sunday and dropping 25 spots.  Hugh and Dave tied for 3rd, getting their money back for the week, $38,064 behind Joe.

Dave maintained his Summer Season lead.  I moved up 2 spots to 2nd and trail Dave by just under $83k.  Steve fell one spot to 3rd, around $26k behind me.  Brian dropped one spot to 4th, just under $19k out of the last cash position.  About $1.3 million separate the top 9.  This sucker is tight with a lot of large purse golf pooling to go.

The top 4 in the Year-Long race stayed the same, Brian, Steve, Dave and me, in that order.

Our next event in about 9 days is the 3rd major of the year, the British Open, or as the non-American, and American-P.C., folks call it, The Open Championship.  It is at the hallowed grounds of the birthplace of golf, St. Andrews, Scotland.  Historians pretty much agree that golf was not first played or invented in St. Andrews, but they were first to claim it so I guess it gets to be called "The Home of Golf".  Which is fine with me, it looks like a pretty cool place.  I think golf was invented by some Scottish shepherd who got tired of buggering his sheep and started hitting rocks around with his crook.  He figured out the round rocks flew better, then hit a good one once and it went into a rabbit hole and boom, we have a new game.  The Scottish sheep better hide on the weekend if Bubba doesn't  make the cut this year.  My favorite piece of golfing lore is there are 18 jiggers in a bottle of whiskey, so when the bottle was gone the round was over, which is why courses have 18 holes.  That one has little backing in truth, St. Andrews, which was one of the first formal courses, originally was 20 holes.  Maybe they made the bottles bigger in Fife.  And why would you carry around a shot glass on the course?  Just drink it out of the bottle. 

As it is every year for the British Open, the first tee time is around 1:00AM Eastern time on tournament week Thursday, so plan accordingly.

Get those picks in on time.

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