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The British Open Picks Are Up!
Tiger just fell off the Swilcan Bridge...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this year's 3rd major are on the site.  We chose 32 golfers.  All but one of us think young Jordan will continue his run for the Grand Slam.  Ten players think D.J. will have enough THC in his system to forget the U.S. Open.  Puma Man made it on to 9 teams.  Henrik was picked 8 times.  Rose got the nod 7 times.  Matsuyama, Snedeker and Tiger "Hack" Woods are all 4-baggers.  Louie O. and Sergio G. are this week's trey.  The deuces are Casey, Scott, Mickelson, Kuchar and Lee.

More uniques than multiple picks, 17 total.  Hugh is the runaway leader with 5.  Dan and Mike M. have 3 each.  Bill, Randy, Jordie, Chris, Dave and I have one each.  Brian, Steve, Joe and Mike D. will not know major unique glory this week.

The British Open is the only major that announces its purse before the start, but they list it in pounds, not dollars.  The mid-tournament standings should be accurate by position, but the dollar amounts will probably be off a bit until the PGA Tour decides on an exchange rate.

We had a few more golfers picked than I would have guessed.  I think a couple players were going for the big win.  Someone's got to take some chances in this pool.  It looks like St. Andrews is getting almost as much rain as Central Ohio... the Old Course is giving up quite a few birdies.  It's the British Open so something weird has to happen.  Paul Azinger calling Tiger a hack doesn't count.  Besides that, I said it first.  It's the British Open at St. Andrews... I'm not even going to say just how good it's gonna be...

Let's Get It On!

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