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It's Really Gonna Happen!
No more fooling around, time to get it on!...
Let's Get It On!After changing hosting providers and the old hosting provider waiting until the last possible moment (under the rules) before transferring the domain names, the website for the 2016 Rule 20-6 Golf Pool is up and running and ready to receive entries.

We will start this week and it's a big one, the first major of the year, The Masters.  The schedule for the remainder of the year is pretty aggressive, we are starting 2˝ months late, but we'll play all the big ones and a couple we haven't played for a few years.  Check the Schedule Page on the site for the complete list of tournaments.  The Calendar Page is currently not working.  Other than 2 majors in both Seasons, everything else is pretty much the same as last year.

Hopefully everyone will be playing again this year.  We may have one new player, if he's still interested after 3 months.  If everyone's back and we get one new player, we'll have 14.  If you are not playing, please let me know and I'll take you out of the system.

There are a few pages I haven't updated yet, but the entry system is working.  You may have to make your first entry twice, some quirk I don't understand.  I recommend entering your last team first, then do a real entry with the picks you want for this week.  Check and make sure your team is the way you want it as it is listed on your player page.  And the current tournament there is The Masters.

If anyone finds any problems, please let me know.

Despite the late start, it's gonna be a hell of a year.  It's just gotta be...

I am ready to get it on!

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