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Steve Wins The Colonial!
A good unique is hard to find...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #6 trophy.Steve had T3 Ryan Palmer as a unique pick and along with the Pool and CBS favorite, winner Jordan Spieth, won this week by $149,427 over Mike M.  It was Steve's first win and 3rd cash of the year.  Mike needed 5th place finisher Kyle Reifers to end up ahead of Palmer to win, but Reifers' bogey on #18 and Palmer's near birdie/near hole out eagle on the same hole sealed his fate.  Mike D. grabbed the last money spot, ending up $20,268 behind the other Mike.  Dan found the money bubble spot this week, missing a cash by just under $50k.

Bill hung on to the top spot in the Season race.  Steve moved up one spot to 2nd and cut Bill's lead to about $417k.  Joe fell one spot to 3rd.  Mike M. moved up 2 places to 4th.  With 3 tournaments left in this pool, 1st and 8th places are separated by less than $1.5 million and 2nd and 8th is just about a $1 million difference.  With a major and a couple decent size purse tourneys left, that's nothin'.

We tear right back into it this week at what I have called our "5th Major", The Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village G.C. in Dublin, Ohio.  For you new guys, and you old guys who are bothering to read these things I write for the first time, I call it our 5th major because it is the only tournament other than the 4 real majors we have played every year of this Pool.  It's never paid like a major and since it's usually a Summer Season event and we usually have the final 3 majors in the Summer Season, it is typically not even a "TMC" event.  This year it is a "TMC" tourney and apparently Jack found a couple extra million dollars laying around and added it to the purse.  The field is usually pretty strong.  We have at least 2 Pool players working at the event, at least couple more that will be there in person... damn thing should be a major.

Get those picks in on time.

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