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The U.S. Open Picks Are Up!
21 golfers and 7 uniques, must be a major...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for the year's 2nd major are on the site.  We chose a mere 22 golfers.  Justin Rose is the favorite, picked by all but one player.  D.J. is next in line, on 15 teams.  J.T. shows up 14 times.  Rickie Fowler and Jason Day are on 10 teams each.  Tiger got the nod 9 times.  Eight of us like Rory.  Seven players thought Phil could finally win one of these things.  Six of us thought Jon Rahm could keep his temper for 4 days on a U.S. Open course.  Defending champ Brooks Koepka is the only 4-bagger.  Stenson, Spieth and DeChambeau are treys.  The only deuces are Matsuyama and Reed.

Seven unique picks.  Jordie leads with 2.  Oliver, Andrew, Brian T., Mikes A. and D. have one each.  The remaining eleven of us will not find U.S. Open glory through a unique pick.

A pretty tight bunch of picks but about what I expected.  We chose 21 golfers and 7 uniques for the Masters, so this major is pretty much the same.  We have more deuces and treys this week then Masters week, so maybe this one's a bit more wide open.  No, not really.  After last year's birdie fest I'm glad to see the USGA decided to hold a real U.S. Open this year.  The U.S. Open is about suffering and from what I saw pretty much every golfer suffered at some point.  Some more than others, and that's good.  Learn to be happy with par and earn your birdies, the way the rest of us play easy courses.  Oh hell yea this is gonna be a good one...

Let's Get It On!


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