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Mike A. Wins The Memorial Tournament!
None of our hero picks could crack the top 5...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #10 trophy.Mike A. had 4 top 10 golfers and all 7 in the top 25 and squeaked out a win this week by $12,015 over Mike M. and me.  It was his 2nd win of the year and 3rd cash.  The worst golfer on his team was T23 Tiger, who all but one of us had.  Mike M. and I, who had the same team, had 6 in the top 25 and missed out on being co-champions and ended up splitting 2nd and 3rd place money primarily due to T44 Jason Day not being able to play his home course.  Hugh ended up 4th, $25,721 away from a cash.

Being the first tournament of the Summer Season, see the above paragraph for those standings.

In the Year-Long race, Mike M. stretched his lead to over $1.8 million.  Dan is still 2nd.  I moved up one spot to 3rd, about $491k short of Dan.  Mike D. fell one spot to 4th, a bit less than $109k behind me.

In about 10 days we try our luck at the year's 2nd major, the U.S. Open.  They are playing it this year in Southampton, NY at Shinnecock Hills G.C.  The last time they played "The Open" at Shinnecock was 2004 and that was a bit of a disaster.  They nearly lost the greens and some of the hole locations were pretty wild.  Knowing the USGA of late they'll probably overcompensate and soak the course, slow the greens down and someone will shoot 15 under.  I hope not.  I want to see these bastards suffer.

Get those picks in on time.


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