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The Memorial Tournament Picks Are Up!
Tropical depression in Ohio? Must be Memorial week...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for the first tournament of the Summer Season are on the site.  We chose 24 golfers.  We won't give up on Tiger; for the 3rd time this year he's the favorite, picked 16 times.  J.T. got the #2 spot, chosen by 14 players.  Thirteen of us like D.J.  Justin Rose made it on to 12 teams.  Jason Day was picked 11 times.  McIlroy got the nod 10 times.  Fowler made the cut for 8 of us.  Kuchar and Spieth were chosen 5 times each.  Leishman is a 4-bagger.  Finau and Stenson are treys.  The deuces are Grillo, List and The Bubba.

Nine unique picks.  Oliver and Tom have 2 each.  Dave, Randy, Bill, Joe and Mike A. have one each.  The other 10 of us will not know the glory or despair of a unique pick this week.  Mike M. and I have the same 7 golfers.

We certainly have some favorites.  Six of the golfers are double digit picks; only The Masters had more at 7.  There are still plenty of low end picks to keep it interesting but I think it will still end up a close one.  This is actually a fairly typical set of picks for a tournament with a strong field.  A week or so ago I read that a tropical storm/depression was headed north from the Gulf so I figured this was going to be a typical rain delay filled Memorial.  Fortunately the depression stayed west of Ohio and only a few feeder-band like storms came through the area Wednesday.  It softened the course a bit but it's suppose to be mostly dry the rest of the week.  The course should speed up quite a lot by Sunday.  It's our 5th major, its gotta be a good one...

Let's get it on!


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