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Mike D. Wins The Players Championship!
Living the Golf Pooler's dream...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #9 trophy.Mike D. found the magic unique pick in winner Webb Simpson and won with ease this week, topping Dave by almost $1.25 million.  It was Mike's 2nd win of the year, and as many cashes, making him the first multiple winner of 2018.  Dave's 2nd place was his first cash of the year.  He also had a high finishing unique with T2 Jimmy Walker and one more cut maker than Mike (6 vs. 5), but it's hard to overcome a near $2 million 1st place payout.  Mike M. found the last money position, ending up about $394k behind Dave.  Jordie was this week's bubble boy, missing the money by $76,633.

Dan won his 2nd "TMC" in a row, adding this year's Spring to last year's Summer "TMC".  Mike M. moved up one spot to grab 2nd place money.  Oliver fell from 2nd but still got a cash, ending up 3rd.  Dave made a charge but ended up 4th.

Mike M. won his 3rd consecutive Spring Season title by almost $1.25 million.  Dan hung on to nab 2nd.  Mike D. made a huge move from 8th to the final money spot.  I finished 4th.

I didn't rush to get this email out because we have a two week break before the start of the Summer Season.  In about 15 days we head to Dublin, Ohio and Muirfield Village G.C. for Jack's tournament and the real 5th major, The Memorial Tournament.  As I've stated in the past this tournament and the 4 majors are the only events we've played all 15 years of this Pool and no matter how much they change up the schedule next year I expect that to remain the case.  Of the 23 people who have played in this Pool over the years, 10 are from Central Ohio and at least 4 others have lived in the area.  This is our hometown tournament and, though it doesn't pay like one, our 5th major.  I'm sticking with that.

Get those picks in on time.


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