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The Players Championship Picks Are Up!
Seventh game of the Spring Season...
Let's Get It On!The alphabetized picks and round one standings for the final Spring Season tournament are on the site.  We chose 26 golfers.  No one was even close to unanimous but last week's champ Jason Day is the favorite, picked 14 times.  McIlroy, Fowler and J.T. were chosen 12 times each.  Eight players like D.J.  Stenson and Spieth made it on to 7 teams each.  Mickelson and Rose were picked 5 times each.  Rahm, Reed, Poulter and The Tiger are all 4-baggers.  Noren, Molinari and Z.J. are treys.  The deuces are Kuchar and Dechambeau.

The uniques total 8.  Oliver leads with 3.  Joe, Hugh, Bill, Dave and Mike D. have one each.  The other 11 of us will not get to watch their unique pick dump 3 balls in the water on #17 on Sunday.

This is an interesting set of picks.  Four pretty clear favorites, a couple of mid-range picks then most of us trying to find a good player that no one else thought of.  Half the golfers are 1-2-3's.  A pretty good set-up for someone to break out of the pack and make a move up the standings.  But if the favorites all play well it might be a weekend snooze-fest, at least as far as the Pool standings go.  This course always seems to put the screws to someone, so I expect an interesting tourney.  It's not a major and never will be, but it's the last tournament of our Season and the fat is in the fire...

Let's get it on!


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