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The PGA Championship Picks Are Up!
Glory's Final Last Shot and the last PGA with warm weather for a while...
Let's Get It On!The picks and standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  We chose 28 golfers for the year's final major.  D.J. is the favorite, chosen 16 times.  Rory is the #2 most popular, appearing on 15 teams.  J.T. is next, picked 14 times.  Jason Day and Brooks Koepka show up 9 times each.  Finau, Fleetwood and Rose are on 7 teams each.  Rickie and The Tiger were chosen 5 times each.  Molinari, Spieth and Rahm are treys.  Stenson is the only deuce.

The uniques are plentiful, 14 in all.  Oliver leads with 4.  Joe and Brian T. have 2 each.  Andrew, Dan, Tom and all 3 Mikes have 1 each.  The remaining 8 of us will have to find Glory's Last Shot without a unique.  Steve and I have the same 7 golfers.

This set of picks is about what I expected for a near end of the year tournament.  Everyone goes with at least 3-4 favorites then the players trailing in the standings roll the dice on some long shots.  We have 3 clear favorites, some pretty damn good golfers as mid-range picks and half the picks as uniques.  If the favorites don't come through the standings will be rattled up again.  The course looks like it's playing pretty tough despite the rain earlier in the week.  It's Glory's Final Last Shot so it's just gotta be a good one...

Let's Get It On!


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