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Time To Get Your Golf Pool On!
The 2019 Edition of Rule 20-6 will start in San Diego...
Let's Get It On!"Like a water-washed diamond
In a river of sin
Goin' down like a whirlpool
When you get sucked in..."

-Neil Young

The PGA Tour is cramming this year in and giving us about a month less then past years, so we need to get this 16th edition of The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool cranked up.  We will start January 24th at Torrey Pines and the Farmers Insurance San Diego Open.  That's just a bit over 2 weeks away.  Everything will be the same as the last few years... $170 for the whole year, 18 tournaments, Spring Season, Summer Season, Year-Long, TMC's... I'm sure you all remember.  If not, check out the Rules of Play on the website.  Probably wouldn't hurt to do that anyway.  Nothing really changed with the Rules, just a little rewording here and there.

The schedule is different than past years, mostly just in the order of the tournaments, but there are some new events and courses.  After San Diego we will play Phoenix the next week.  A week off then to the L.A. Open.  Another off week then three in a row, back to back to back in the Florida swing; the Honda, the Arnie, then the Players, which is now where it should be in March instead of May.  Two weeks off then the Texas Open followed immediately by The Masters.  Our last 2 week break of the year then we'll finish the Spring Season with the Wells Fargo in North Carolina.

The Summer Season will start strong in May with the PGA Championship, this year at the Bethpage Black course in New York.  One week off then The Memorial.  An off week then the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.  Another off week then a new tournament, sort of, The Rocket Mortgage Classic.  This is the replacement for the Quicken Loans event that was around D.C., but this one is in Detroit and Tiger is not affiliated with it.  That alone will make it better.  I think they are considering it a new tourney.  The next week, and our next tournament, is definitely a new one, the 3M Open in Minnesota.  One week off then across the Atlantic to the British Open, this year in Northern Ireland and Royal Portrush G.C.  Immediately after the British is our only W.G.C. event of the year, The FedEx St. Jude Invitational in Memphis, which replaces the Bridgestone Invitational that was in Akron.  Our final off week follows the St. Jude then we finish back to back with the first 2 (of now 3) FedEx Cup events, the Northern Trust Championship around Boston and the BMW Championship near Chicago.  We will be done August 18, well before the beginning of football season.

The 2019 website is up and running.  Nothing has changed from last year.  Be sure to update your browser bookmark so you are on the "" pages.  Typing in or editing your bookmark to "" should take you to the most recent site, but if you are using Chrome as a browser Google has been doing weird things with their caching and it may take you to the 2018 page.  If that happens just use "".  There are a few pages that still need updated, but the schedule is up and the entry system is working.  I would recommend submitting a test team WELL BEFORE the entry deadline to make sure your personal page/entry page is working.  Just click the "Last Team Submitted" tab on your page and then click submit.  That will keep the typing to a minimum for the test.  If anyone finds any problems on the website, please let me know.

If you know anyone that would like to join us this year have them contact me and I'll get them set up.  I need a few days to set a new player up in the system so if a newbie (or an oldbie who has been on sabbatical) wants to play in the first event they'll need to contact me in the next week.  Conversely, if you are not going to be playing this year let me know and I'll take you out of this whole system.  By rule everyone is suppose to let me know if you are playing this year.  Submitting an entry (like the test entry suggested above) is good enough.

As I'm sure you all know the USGA and R&A made some major changes in the Rules of Golf, supposedly simplifying them and just generally making them better.   One thing they did was reduce the number of rules, but in reality just condensing them.  As a result there is no Rule 20-6 anymore.  They don't even use dashes anymore, they use dots.  For those of  you who were not around in the beginning of this Pool, and those who were but don't remember, in 2004 we started out using the Sporting News' fantasy golf website.  The format was very different and many of us didn't like some of the rules they had, so I decided to start one from scratch.  Under the old Rules of Golf, Rule 20-6 was known in golf officiating circles as the "redo rule". Basically if you made an improper drop you could correct it, or redo it, before playing your next shot without penalty.  One of the few times back then you could screw up and not get penalized.  Since we were on a "redo" with our Pool, and I owned the domain name, we went with the name we have today.  If we were to update the name to the current Rules of Golf, the best I can figure it would be the "Rule 14.5a Golf Pool".  That doesn't roll off the tongue so well, so I think we'll just stick with what we've got.  I really don't want to buy another domain name either.  And we are in our 16th year; a redo at this point would certainly involve a penalty.

I think this is going to be a very interesting year on the PGA Tour.  The Tournament of Champions last week showed that a lot of the top golfers have their games in pretty good shape.  A lot of others need to get their asses to the practice range.  With the established stars playing well and the younger up-and-comers looking good too, not even counting the non-winners and the idiots who don't like Hawaii in the winter time who have yet to tee it up in 2019, picking is going to be tough this year.  It's going to take some serious golf pooling to get in the winner circle... and I can't wait to try.  Oh yea, only 15 days and it all starts again.

I am ready to get it on!


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