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The L.A. Open Picks Are Up!
It never rains in Southern California...
Let's Get It On!The organized picks and fairly worthless round one standings are on the site.  We chose 25 golfers.  Bryson DeChambeau is our favorite, picked 16 times.  D.J. is next, on 15 teams.  J.T. made 13 teams.  Twelve of us like The Bubba.  Rory was chosen 11 times.  The X-Man was the man for 10 of us.  Phil and Rahm were picked 7 times each.  That Tiger guy got the nod 6 times.  Spieth, Kuchar and Matsuyama are 4-baggers.  Casey is the only trey.  The deuces are Fleetwood and Stallings.

We have 10 L.A. uniques.  Oliver and Dave A. have 3 each.  Randy, Steve and Mikes D. & M. have 1 each.  The other 12 of us won't have to worry about a unique pick being buried in a mud slide.

This is a much more diverse set of picks than the past 2 tourneys.  I don't mean more foreigners, just that it's not as tight a bunch of picks.  Though it still seems like a pretty low number of golfers picked (23 that are playing) for 18 players and 6 golfers are picked more than half of us, we have 13 uniques, deuces and treys and in that 13 are golfers like Paul Casey, Adam Scott, Tommy Fleetwood and Tony Finau.  Spieith, Kuchar and Matsuyama are 4-baggers.  Yea this one is going to be a real opportunity for someone to make that early Season move.  I was glad to read the PGA Tour is elevating this tournament to "Invitational" status next year, like The Memorial or The Arnold Palmer.  That means a smaller field and a bigger purse.  It deserves to have that status.  What I didn't like hearing was that Tiger is the "host".  But after doing a little checking, Tiger has been the "host" of this tournament since 2017.  I had no idea.  Hopefully he'll continue being as prominent, gracious and hospitable a host that he's been the last 2 years.  In other words, unless he's in contention we won't know he's there.  Unless your watching Sportscenter.  They think Tiger is the only professional golfer in the world.  Regardless of what Tiger's doing, this is going to be a good one...

Let's get it on!


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