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The Honda Classic Picks Are Up!
Even if you don't like the course you still should get your picks in...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  Twenty eight golfers are on the list, though only 18 are playing.  Justin Thomas is the favorite, chosen 16 times.  Adam Scott and Orange Rickie are on 15 teams each.  Of the 15 players who updated their teams, Thomas, Scott and Fowler were picked by all 15, so technically they are unanimous.  Koepka and Woodland show up 12 times each.  Webb Simpson got the nod 8 times.  Sergio will be beating on greens for 7 of us.  Cameron Smith (no relation) was picked 6 times.  Kelly Kraft and Billy Horschel are treys that are playing.  Phil is a trey not in Palm Beach Gardens.  The deuces playing are Noren, Berger and Glover.  There are 6 non-playing deuces.  I'm not going to list them and they don't matter anyway.

Eight unique picks, 5 of them playing.  Oliver has 3 uniques but only one is playing.  Mike D. has 2 (both playing).  Jordie and Dave A. have one playing unique each.  Brian T. has a non-playing unique.  The other 13 of us won't have to watch a unique pick make 3 triple bogeys around the "Bear Trap".  Steve and Joe have the same 7 golfers.

For those of us who wanted to play this week it's a pretty tight bunch of picks.  Seventeen golfers on 15 teams, 3 unanimous picks and 6 chosen by more than half of the 15.  But 10 uniques, deuces and treys may just keep things interesting.  The wind is not suppose to blow much all week and there was some rain earlier in the week so we will see just how tough this PGA National course really is.  I think they will take it pretty deep if that weather forecast holds.  It might take 20 under to win.  If I can shoot 70 on this course under similar conditions, these pros with their newfangled balls and clubs should be a lot lower than that.  Actually that should say "once could" or "did" shoot 70.  Pretty sure that wouldn't happen these days.  Despite the lack of wind this will still be some seriously competitive golf pooling...

Let's get it on!

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