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The Arnold Palmer Picks Are Up!
Let's make The King proud...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  We have 30 golfers on the list, 23 of them playing.  Rose, McIlroy and Koepka tied for the most popular spot, chosen 16 times each.  Fowler and DeChambeau are each on 15 teams.  Jason Day got the nod 9 times, then decided to W/D.  Leishman was picked 7 times.  Molinari and Fleetwood are 4-baggers.  Poulter is the biggest pussy in the field and a lone trey.  Webb Simpson is the only deuce and he's not playing.

Nineteen uniques with 13 of them playing.  Bill has 4 but none playing.  Dave B. and Dan have 3 each but Dan only has one playing.  Oliver has 2.  Joe, Randy, Jordie, Dave A. and all 3 Mikes have one each.  The remaining 7 of us didn't take chances like The King would have and will be uniqueless this week.  Steve, Hugh and I have the same 7 golfers.

We certainly have some favorites.  Five golfers picked 15 or more times is certainly some kind of record.  But the uniques are going to keep it real this week.  More than half the golfers picked who are actually in Orlando are uniques.  This one might be tight because of the favorites, but the uniques will have to play into the standings.  They'll have to, there's too many of them.  They can't all shoot 80-80.  The King would have been proud of these picks, we did him right and we'll give him a damn good one..

Let's get it on!


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