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Dave A. Wins The Players Championship!
If Dave is winning it, maybe it is a major...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #6 trophy.Dave A. had winner Rory McIlroy, 2nd place Jim Furyk as a unique, 2 other top 10's and all 6 of his cut makers in the top 35 and won going away this week, $1,243,750 ahead of Andrew.  Dave's $4,591,563 total is the first team ever in Pool history over $4 million.  It was also his first win of the year and 2nd cash.  Andrew finished 2nd for the second week in a row and had 3 top 10's, all of his golfer who made the cut in the top 35, but with only 5 guys playing on the weekend and no 2nd place unique he could only beat all of us but Dave.  Hugh got his first cash of the year, finishing 3rd, $13,438 behind Andrew and fell from the top of the leaderboard as his deuce pick T12 Jon Rahm crapped himself on the back nine.  Tom got his third 4th place finish of they year, $2,924 behind Hugh.  I was this week's bubble boy, $22,750 out of the money.

At the halfway point in the TMC Andrew took over the lead.  Tom is 2nd, Dave A. 3rd, Brian T. 4th and Mike D. 5th.  All 5 of those guys are within $450k.  The next tournament in this pool is The Masters.

I moved up 2 spots to 1st in the Season race.  Tom is now a very close 2nd, coming from 4th.  Andrew went from 7th to 3rd.  Jordie and Brian G. both jumped up one position, Jordie to 4th, Brian 5th.  The top 9 here are within $1 million and the top 14 are within $1.7 million.  With 3 tournaments to go this one is still wide open.

The NCAA March Madness brackets are set for the men.  The women will be announced Monday night.  If you want to play the Rule 20-6 Tournament Challenge on, see the last email or click on the "Players Championship picks are up" link in the News box on the home page.  Or contact me.  The deadline for the men's tournament is Thursday at 12:15.  The women's deadline is Friday, probably about the same time.

Time for a break, we've earned it.  We won't have to play 3 in a row again this year.  In about 17 days we head the the butt hole of America, Texas, specifically the TPC San Antonio and the Valero Texas Open.  For morons who like to say everything is bigger in Texas they will be very wrong about the purse compared to this week.  First place money in the Texas Open will be exactly the same as 2nd place was this week.  One thing that will be bigger is the stink.  The stink will be huge in Texas.  And the amount of gunshots.  Definitely more gunshots in Texas.

Get those picks in on time.


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