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The Players Championship Picks Are Up!
Lots of money does not a major make...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round 1 standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  We chose 26 golfers.  And all of them are playing!  No one unanimous again but Thomas and McIlroy are tied for the favorite, picked 15 times each.  D.J. and Rickie check in on 11 teams each.  Foreigners Fleetwood and Molinari made it on to 10 teams each.  Koepka shows up 8 times.  The X-Man got the nod 7 times.  Garcia will be whining about something for 6 players.  Rose and that Tiger guy were picked 5 times each.  DeChambeau and Stenson are treys.  The deuces are Glover, Rahm, Kisner and pussy boy Poulter.

Nine uniques.  Joe leads with 2.  Randy, Oliver, Hugh, Dan, Andrew and both Daves have one each.  The other 10 of us will not get to watch a unique dump 3 or 4 balls in the water on the island green hole.

I set up a March Madness basketball pool on ESPN for Rule 20-6 players.  If you want to participate, go to and click on Fantasy Games.  If you have never played on ESPN you will need to register.  It is free.  Once registered, go to Tournament Challenge, name your entry, and then search for the Group named "Rule 20-6” and join.  The password is (see the email for the password or contact the Commish).  If you played last year I don't think you need to search or enter the password, just rejoin.  Do make sure you get your entry into the Rule 20-6 group or it won't count.  Once the brackets are announced on Sunday, March 17th, you may fill out your brackets.  The cost is $5/bracket and you may fill out up to 25 brackets, though I have no idea why someone would enter 25 brackets in this pool.  Deadline for filling out your brackets is the date and time of the first game in the round of 64 (not the "play-in" games).  Payouts will be the same as listed in the Golf Pool Rules of Play, Rule #14, with 1 entry = 1 player.  All monies will be collected and paid at the end of the Golf Pool year and entries are restricted to Golf Pool members only.  Steve runs a much bigger March Madness pool on ESPN.  If you want to enter his pool contact him at his email that should be listed in the "To:" section of this email.

I also set up a March Madness pool for the women's tournament.  Everything is the same as above except go to the Women's Tournament Challenge to name and fill out your entry (you only have to do the registration thing once).  Brackets will be available the day after the Men's (3/18).  Enter one or both, up to 25 times each, at $5 per entry.

This week's set of picks is a little more wide open than lately.  We still have 6 double digit favorites but over 50% uniques, deuces or treys will make for some seriously intense golf pooling.  Aside from the wind direction the course doesn't seem to be playing much different than it did in May.  The rough is ridiculously short.  It's not nearly as fast and firm as I thought it would be.  I seem to remember Florida courses playing faster in the "winter" months than late spring and summer.  Hopefully it will firm up as the week goes on.  And more wind... we need more wind.  This course was built to torture the golfers and that's what I want to see.  If anyone bitches, take the Sharpie out of their bag and write over top of all the corporate logos, "$12,500,000".  Pampered bunch of pussies.  But the whiners will not take away from what is gonna be some damn good golf pooling...

Let's get it on!


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