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Mike D. Wins The British Open!
If you're of Irish descent, you're winning this week...
The Rule 20-6 British Open TrophyIt was a blood bath for all Americans this week, in England and in this Pool.  Only one player had more than 4 golfers make the cut, and he didn't make the money.  Mike D. had t2 Phil "You'll be putting'em all out from now on" Mickelson as a unique pick and won his 4th tournament of the year by $478,187 over Steve.  Steve's unique of t9 Man-Boy Love helped him finish $83,897 ahead of this year's "Mr. 3rd Place", Randy.  Chris, the only player who picked 5 golfers that made the cut, finished $8,444 out of the money.  All the money winners had 4 golfers cashing.  Fortunately for everyone's mental health, no one picked Dustin "Fore Right!" Johnson this week.

Due to the measly amount of winnings our teams accumulated, positions 1 through 12 in the Season standings did not change.

At the midway point of the "TMC" pool, Hugh is still the leader.  Steve jumped from 5th to 2nd.  Elise fell one spot to 3rd and Chris moved up 4 spots to the money bubble position.

I still lead the Year-long race.  Steve jumped back over Bill to 2nd.  Dave A. is 4th

Sorry for the delay getting the official results up and this email out.  Finding the official winnings in U.S. dollars was not easy.  The next event in about 9 days is down in "West-by-God" Virginia, The Greenbriar Classic.  Someone shot a 59 there last year, didn't they?  Appleby, I think.  Must be an easy course if he's shooting 59.  Screw it, I'm picking him anyway.  He's not American.

Get those picks in on time.

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