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The Greenbrier Picks Are Up!
Can't decide what's uglier: A strip mine or Daly's pants...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are up on the site.  We chose 41 different golfers... probably a record but that number is a bit distorted and I would probably have to put an asterisks beside it.  More on that later. Phil "That Looks like it has a little break in it, so you better putt it out" Mickelson is the favorite this week, chosen 12 times.  Webb and Sergio tied for second most popular, picked 9 times each.  Half of us went with Jay's boy, Bill Haas.  Last year's runner-up Jeff Overton got the nod 5 times.  Tom Gainey and Johnny Byrd are 4-baggers.  Kyle Stanley and Tony Kim both checked in as treys.  Just an idiotic number of deuces: Howell, Daly, Man-boy, Appleby, Barnes, Holmes, Chez, de Jonge, Piercy and Bradley.

Twenty two uniques this week.  Randy has seven, and his team looks striking similar to his British Open team.  Gotta get those picks in on time.  That's why I type it every week.  Jordie, Hugh, Dan, Mike M. and Dave A. have 2 unique picks each.  Steve, Brian, Mike D., Dave B. and I have one each.  Bill, Elise and Chris didn't want to join the unique party this week.

We are in the hills of WVa this week... it looks like they toughened the course up a bit this year so we probably won't see any 59's.  Even leaving out the picks not playing this week (eight, that's got to be a record) we have a wild bunch of teams... one favorite golfer, two semi-favorites and then oh-boy, we just go nuts. Oh yea, ya just know it's gonna be a damn good ol' fashioned Hatfield and McCoy shoot-out this week...

Let's get it on!

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