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The Honda Classic Picks Are Up!
Unique picks work better when they are playing...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  We chose 33 golfers, sort of.  The Man in Orange is the favorite, picked 15 times.  He was picked by everyone who submitted a team this week, so that kind of makes him unanimous.  Thomas and McIlroy were the next most common golfers, chosen 13 times each.  Sergio made it on to 12 teams.  Gary Woodland got the nod 11 times.  Eight players like Tyrrell Hatton.  Alex Noren was picked 6 times.  Tommy Fleetwood and what's-his-name were chosen 5 times each.  Daniel Berger is the lone trey.  Brian Harmon, Scott Stallings and Louie O. are the playing deuces.  D.J. and Perez are non-playing deuces.

Big asterisks on the uniques this week.  We have 18 but only 10 are playing.  I'll let you figure out which ones are in Palm Beach Gardens and which ones are not.  Oliver has 4.  Joe and Tom have 3 each.  Mike D. and Mike M. have 2 each.  Jordie, Dan, Andrew and Mike A. have one each.  The other 8 of us will not have to worry about a unique pick dumping 5 balls in the water around the Bear Trap (5 is my personal record).  Both Brians, Bill and I have the same 7 golfers.

I really don't know what to say about this set of picks.  We've got 6 double digit picks, a few in the mid-range area, then 24 unique, deuces or treys, but 10 of them are not playing.  If a unique or deuce doesn't come out of the pack it's going to be really close.  Four people have the same team and then 3 other players are only one golfer different from those 4 teams.  Two players didn't get their teams in, one team submitted, I think, may have been based on last week's field.  This is mass chaos.  The winds are suppose to get up to about 15 mph in the afternoons each day, though from the southeast, which I think is the easiest wind for The Bear Trap and pretty much the whole course.  A north wind would be more fun.  Regardless of the winds and picks confusion, I think this is gonna be a damn good one...

Let's get it on!


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