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The Valspar Championship Picks Are Up!
This ended up being a pretty good field...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  We chose 29 golfers.  Spieth is the clear favorite, chosen 16 times.  Sergio snagged the #2 spot, picked 12 times.  Rose made it on to 11 teams.  Finau, Stenson and what's-his-name were chosen 10 times each.  Casey made the cut for 8 of us.  Rory got the nod 7 times.  Hadwin was picked 5 times.  Moore is the only 4-bagger.  Kuchar and Louie are treys.  This week's deuces are Woodland, Lovemark and Na.

The unique picks this week total 14.  Oliver and Hugh lead with 3 each.  Mikes A. and M. have 2 each.  Dave, Dan, Brian T. and Mike D. have one each.  The other 9 of us will not know the delight or sorrow of a unique pick.  Bill and I have the same 7 golfers and Tom Ellinger is looking into possible cheating.

I set up a March Madness basketball pool on ESPN for Rule 20-6 players.  If you want to participate, go to and click on Fantasy Games.  If you have never played on ESPN you will need to register.  It is free.  Once registered, go to Tournament Challenge, name your entry, and then search for the Group named "Rule 20-6” and join.  The password is (see the email for the password or contact the Commish).  If you played last year I don't think you need to search or enter the password, just rejoin.  Do make sure you get your entry into the Rule 20-6 group or it won't count.  Once the brackets are announced on Sunday, March 11th, you may fill out your brackets.  The cost is $5/bracket and you may fill out up to 25 brackets, though I have no idea why someone would enter 25 brackets in this pool.  Payouts will be the same as listed in the Golf Pool Rules of Play, Rule #14, with 1 entry = 1 player.  All monies will be collected and paid at the end of the Golf Pool year and entries are restricted to Golf Pool members only.  Steve runs a much bigger March Madness pool on ESPN.  If you want to enter his pool contact him at his email that should be listed in the "To:" section of this email.

This is really a pretty wide open set of picks.  Almost everyone thinks Spieth will start making some putts, but after that there's little certainty.  Lots of mid-range picks.  That will probably mean about half of us will be in the hunt and the other half will be waiting for next week.  That still makes for top notch golf pooling.  Our picks are not off to a very good start, but there's a lot of golf left and this looks like a tough course.  It's gonna be a good one...

Let's get it on!


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