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Dan Wins The Arnold Palmer Invitational!
When did they start letting leprechauns play on the PGA Tour?...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #5 trophy.Only 3 players picked winner Rory McIlroy, so those were the 3 who cashed this week.  Dan added 3rd place Justin Rose and, ah, well, what the hell, Tiger Woods (T5), and a couple other top 25's and won this week by $9,924 over Mike M.  It was Dan's first win of the year and his 2nd cash.  Actually Dan and Mike had 5 of their 6 cut makers the same, so between them it came down to Dan's Adam Scott vs. Mike's Brian Harman.  Harman was a stroke up going into Sunday, but hit 2 in the water on the 3rd hole and made triple, then dunked another on #18 and made double and shot 74.  Scott cruised to an easy 71 and gave Dan the victory.  Oliver finished 3rd, around $516k behind Mike, and had his hopes of a higher finish erased when T14 Rickie Fowler doubled the last 2 holes holes on Sunday.  Tom finished 4th, out of the money by about $331k or one Irishman.

Mike M. opened up a big lead in the Spring Season race.  He leads Andrew, who remained in 2nd place, by just over $1.6 million.  Mike D. is still 3rd, only $33,488 behind Andrew.  Dan came up from 10th to find the money bubble spot, about $206k short of Mike D.

This was the first "TMC" event, so it's Dan, Mike M., Oliver and Tom, in that order, just like the tournament.

Steve and I are tied in the lead in the March Madness pool but Bill is only 10 points behind us, which is only one first round game.  It's like an old time U.S. Open bloodbath with upsets and the basketball equivalent of double bogeys everywhere.  It doesn't look like anyone is going to win it with great picks, just 2 of us are going to loose it.  Believe me, it's ugly.

We get a 2 week break and in about 17 days the real golf season starts.  Yes sir, it's Masters time.  The green grass, the pine trees, the azaleas, the pimento cheese sandwiches... it'll be the same as every year but better than ever.  And all these damn pros are playing well, even the washed up ones.  The Pool winner will have to be on his best golf pooling game.  I'm going to say it before Jim Nance says it 50,000 times, it's going to be one for the ages.

Get those picks in on time.


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