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The Masters Picks Are Up!
We went with the favorites, all 10 of them...
Let's Get It On!The organized picks and standings for the year's first major are on the site.  We chose 21 golfers.  Tiger is the favorite, almost unanimous at 16.  Rory is #2, chosen 14 times.  Thomas and Mickelson made it on to 12 teams each.  Bubba and Rose were picked 11 times each.  Spieth made the cut for 10 of us.  D.J. got the nod 8 times.  Five players like Rickie.  Jason Day is the only four-bagger.  Paul Casey is the lone trey.  The deuces are Fleetwood, Kuchar and Noren.

Seven uniques.  Hugh is the clear leader with 4.  Joe, Randy and Mike M. have 1 each.  The other 13 of us will not get to see a unique pick put on the Green Jacket.  Steve and Mike D. have the same 7 golfers.  Also, Brian G. and I have the same team.

Well this is it.  The start of the real golf season.  This might have been the hardest tournament we've ever had to pick.  I got that comment from a lot of players, too.  So many top golfers playing well, it was more a matter of who do you leave off rather than who do you pick.  And pick counts show we mostly went with the favorites.  Seven golfers are double digit picks, the most I can remember. But we still have more than half the golfers as uniques, deuces or treys, so not everyone played it too tight.  The weather is suppose to be good until Saturday, so the azaleas will stay pretty tomorrow and the pimento cheese sandwiches won't get soggy... of course it's gonna be a damn good one, it's The Masters...

Let's Get It On!


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