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The PGA Championship Picks Are Up!
Only 99 of the WGR top 100 bothered to show...
Let's Get It On!The organized picks and round one standings for the year's 2nd major are on the site.  We chose 22 golfers.  Wisely we all chose Brooks Koepka, so he is a non-factor as far as the Pool is concerned.  I imagine he'll matter in the tournament itself.  Rory came in 2nd in the popularity contest, picked 17 times.  Two players did not fall for the Tiger Hype and 16 of us did.  D.J. made it on to 14 teams.  Justin Rose was picked 10 times.  Fowler and Rahm show up 8 times each.  Frankie Molinari got the nod 6 times.  Fleetwood and Day were chosen 5 times each.  Tony Finau and the X-Man are treys.  Cantlay, Oosthuizen and DeChambeau are this week's deuces.

Seven uniques.  Oliver is runaway leader with 3.  Andrew, Dan, Dave A. and Brian T. have one each.  The remaining 13 of us won't have to worry about a unique pick being heckled by a bunch of New Yorkers taking a break from following Tiger.  Randy, Steve and I copied off each other.

It's kind of hard to get used to the PGA being in May.  They had some crappy weather for the practice rounds.  You've got to expect that in New York in the middle of May.  In the near future they are playing this in upstate New York, Rochester and Oak Hill C.C.  I'm predicting snow that week.  The weather the rest of this week is suppose to decent, high 60's, so they'll get this one in without a snow delay.  Our picks are pretty favorite heavy, but there are still plenty at the lower end to keep it interesting.  It's Glory's Second Shot, so it's just gotta be a good one...

Let's Get It On!


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